Searching for a Homeland

“And even if Jews were to win the war…[t]he ‘victorious’ Jews would live surrounded by an entirely hostile Arab population, secluded inside ever-threatened borders, absorbed with physical self-defense to a degree that would submerg..

Ange-Marie Hancock on Arendt and Dubois

On July 15, 2010, the NEH Summer Seminar Scholars welcomed political science professor Ange-Marie Hancock of the University of California, who gave a lecture on the concept of the conscious pariah in Arendt’s work in comparison to W.E.B...

Joanna V. Scott on Arendt as a Modernist Writer

In the following two-part video, Professor Joanna V. Scott discusses Arendt as a modernist writer, and explores the ways existentialist philosophy, and the New York intellectual circles in which Arendts traveled, affected Arendt as a thinker a..

New AV Materials Available from NEH Arendt Seminar 2010

In 2010, several visiting scholars came to San Diego during the time of the NEH seminar on Hannah Arendt that I was directing. Through a supplemental grant from the NEH specifically designed to enhance web sites related to NEH seminars and ins..

President Obama’s Middle East Speech: A Two-State Solution?

“The status quo is unsustainable and Israel, too, must act boldly….” Pres. Obama stated this morning in his major speech on the Middle East. A “lasting peace” requires “two states for two peoples.” This, he declared, is what ..

Eichmann Arrested Fifty-One Years Ago Today

Fifty-one years ago today, on May 11, 1960, Adolf Eichmann stepped off a bus in Buenos Aires, Argentina and into the hands of his Israeli captors, agents from Mossad, the Israeli special forces. Some days later they transported him on an El-Al..

“Ethical Fading” under Conditions of Totalitarianism

An oped piece by two business professors, Max H. Bazerman and Ann E. Tenbrunsel, in yesterday’s New York Times triggered an association to Arendt’s arguments in Eichmann in Jerusalem. Even though the researchers make no use of her ..

The Eichmann Trial: Fifty Years Later

Three days and fifty years ago, Adolf Eichmann entered a glass booth in a crowded Jerusalem theater-turned-courtroom and stood listening to the indictment read by Moshe Landau, the presiding judge, accusing him of causing the deaths of million..

Teachers Need Renewal

As I prepare to announce the summer scholars who will be working on the political theory of Hannah Arendt with me this summer at Bard College, an article in today’s New York Times about the state of public education in the U.S. gave me p..