If I have been in a previous NEH seminar, am I still eligible to apply?
Preference is given to candidates who have not participated in an NEH seminar or have done so more than three years ago. Rare exceptions are made if circumstances dictate.

May I apply for more than one seminar?
Applicants may apply for up to two seminars, institutes, or landmark programs. Upon notification of acceptance, a timely response will be required so that a final list of acceptances can be compiled and, if necessary, successful alternates can be notified.

May I obtain credit for this course?
Five units of graduate level credit may be available through Extended Studies at San Diego State University for an approximate fee of $450.

Should I bring my car?
UC-Davis is located close to the Sacramento airport, which serves travel from most major cities in the US. If you bring a car, you will be able to transport more personal items to make your dorm room more tailored to your needs. Parking is an additional cost. But you don’t need a car; the campus is walking distance to town, where you can kind restaurants, shopping and much more. Davis is renowned for its many biking paths and environmental consciousness. We may plan some longer distance optional weekend trips to explore the neighboring regions of Napa Valley or San Francisco, but carpools will be available for this purpose.

If I do not bring a car what is the best way to get there?
Sacramento airport is the best option for flights, as it is very close to Davis and we can arrange airport pickups. If you choose to fly into San Francisco (SFO), you can expect another 2 hours or more to reach Davis–traffic can be very heavy, and a shuttle to Davis might cost more than $100. You can take BART direct from SFO to Walnut Creek, CA and, depending on timing, we may be able to pick you up from Walnut Creek BART station. From there to Davis is an hour’s drive, depending on traffic.

Should I bring my computer?
Yes! You will find having your own laptop for research, presentations, and projects to be very valuable. However, I prefer you not bring laptops into the seminar during our discussions as these prove too distracting to our dialogue. In the University’s housing WiFi internet is available. If you prefer not to bring your computer, computer access is also available in certain areas around the campus. I strongly recommend bringing your own laptop, however!!

Are meals provided?
If you opt to stay in University housing, which I strongly recommend, three meals a day are included in the price of housing. There is a kitchenette in the dorms for microwave cooking and coffee making. Davis’s cafeteria is award-winning, so I believe the quality of food to be high and varied enough to suit all tastes–including vegan and vegetarian.

May I bring my family?
In the past, participants have brought family members along, although it is not possible to house them in the dorm facility. The rental of houses or condos in the area may be possible, though that can be expensive. Participants would need to explore these options on their own, but we can provide assistance with the search.

What is summer weather like in Davis?
Weather can range from mild to very hot and dry, sometimes reaching 100 degrees.  We are experiencing a severe drought in California, with severe wildfire threat,  and you are asked to become very water-use conscious. Come prepared for different options.

What social activities are planned?
You will be welcomed to a dinner at my home on Sunday evening, the day before the seminar begins. Our weeks will be consumed with seminar activities. On weekends, there will be time for some cultural activities. Upon arrival, you will receive a welcome packet of information about the range of activities around the area, including transportation information. We have discovered that spontaneously arranged group activities fit the needs of all best. Proposed activities are announced in class settings and those interested coordinate their plans. Activities may include a trip to the wine country of Napa Valley or to the city by the bay–San Francisco–or the state capital of Sacramento. All activities are optional and are planned only for weekends, when the seminar is not in session.

Do I need to bring my own bedding and towels?
These will be provided by University housing and there will be weekly linen and towel service in the dorms. However, if you have special needs, please bring what you require.

What about physical and recreational facilities?
There are abundant cross-country trails, hiking and biking opportunities as well as a gym to which you will have access.

Other questions?
Contact Simone Arias sarias2@earthlink.net