Recent Commentaries on Arendt

In the months since the election of Donald Trump, references to Hannah Arendt’s work have sky-rocketed, as have sales of The Origins of Totalitarianism. As a result, I’ve been approached by various news outlets to write commentary on the r..

Guest Lecturer Ada Ushpiz’s Film, Vita Activa

Summer scholars who will attend the 2017 NEH seminar on Arendt should already be reading Eichmann in Jerusalem in preparation for the first discussions we will have. A controversial book that continues to spark heated discussion, the book moti..

Welcome 2017 Hannah Arendt Summer Scholars

For the last few weeks, my assistants and I have been coordinating paperwork for all the new Arendt scholars who will join me at UC-Davis this summer to study key works of the political theorist, Hannah Arendt. I have now posted all the short ..

Holocaust Precursor: German Colonialism in Namibia

A few days ago, the New York Times reported about efforts on the part of the German government to acknowledge the attempted extermination of Nama and Herero ethnic tribes in Namibia, who were resisting German domination and land grabs in Namib..

Considering Totalitarianism

The response around the globe to the election of Donald Trump to the presidency of the United States has ranged across a spectrum. Applause came, of course, from Trump supporters who voted for him. The majority of these were white voters, men ..

Controversy in Eichmann in Jerusalem

Among the many controversial aspects of Hannah Arendt’s Eichmann in Jerusalem, which originally appeared as a multi-part series in The New Yorker, the most incendiary points she made appeared in chapter VII. In that section of the book, enti..

More Books for Your Bibliography

A recent NYTimes Book Review carried reviews of three new books with relevance for the themes of the Arendt seminar. Phillippe Sands’ East West Street: On the Origins of ‘Genocide’ and “Crimes Against Humanity,’” explores the devel..

Possibility and Despair

(This posting is a reprint from my original blog entry on the Hannah Arendt Center at Bard College’s web site, published on September 20, 2015) “The calamity of the rightless is not that they are deprived of life, liberty, and the purs..

The Banality of Evil, in prose and film

Preparing for the NEH summer seminar for schoolteachers on the political theory of Hannah Arendt, I urge the summer scholars who will soon be in residence at UC-Davis to read Eichmann in Jerusalem in advance. Although this book is more easily ..