More Politics and Theatre

Besides following the news about Belarus Free Theater’s production in the “Under the Radar Festival”, New York City, and commenting on the positive reviews it received, I have been drawn to related stories in different venues..

Politics and Theater in Belarus

Reports from Belarus in this morning’s New York Times painted a grim, but not unexpected, picture of the state of affairs following the re-election–if one can call it that–of Aleksandr Lukashenko to the presidency of Belarus. Des..

Claude Lanzman’s Shoah

A quarter century after its original release Claude Lanzman’s epic film Shoah, opened again this month in New York. Although, as Lanzman explained in the New York Times, his film has never “stopped being shown” in Europe, its..

Hannah Arendt and the Arts

Today I received notice from Roger Berkowitz that the videos of Bill T. Jones’s dance, Floating the Tongue, and of the conversation following the performance between Bill T. Jones and Roger had just been posted on the Hannah Arendt web s..

Welcome to our new blog!

Thanks to a generous grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), this web site of resources and information about Hannah Arendt now has a blog attached to it. From time to time I will be posting short essays, book reviews, anno..